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Consider these high-paying, in-demand business careers in 2023

Projected need for these business careers is between 73,000 and 229,600 new employees each year to 2030. The median yearly wage for these careers is between $62,290 and $97,970. Prepare for each of these careers with a four-year degree.

Operations Managers

Currently Employed: 2,984,920
Yearly Openings to 2030: 229,600
Percent Change: 9.4%
Median Wage: $97,970

Project Managers

Currently Employed: 743,860
Yearly Openings to 2030: 141,900
Percent Change: 5.6%
Median Wage: $94,500


Currently Employed: 1,318,550
Yearly Openings to 2030: 135,000
Yearly Openings to 2030: 6.9%
Median Wage: $77,250

Management Analysts

Currently Employed: 768,450
Yearly Openings to 2030: 99,400
Yearly Openings to 2030: 13.7%
Median Wage: $93,000

Marketing Specialists

Currently Employed: 727,540
Yearly Openings to 2030: 96,000
Percent Change: 22.1%
Median Wage: $63,920

Human Resources Specialists

Currently Employed: 740,830
Yearly Openings to 2030: 73,400
Percent Change: 10.4%
Median Wage: $62,290

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Rebecca earned her B.A. in Economics from Wellesley College and her MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.
Rebecca Smith-Allen
Robert works in Healthcare Administration as a Lean Six Sigma Black belt, Certified Mentor, and Coach. 
Robert Kent
Julia, originally from Germany, earned her MBA degree in 2016 at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands.
Julia Peterle

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Online vs Campus Programs

Compare DegreesOnline DegreesCampus Degrees
Average MBA Tuition$33,638$39,810
Average GMAT Scores530543
Average Full-Time MBA Faculty6563
Average MBA Student Faculty Ratio2:13:1
Average # of MBA Faculty with Doctorate83.44%83.98%
Average Full-Time MBA Enrollment199239
Average Part-Time MBA Enrollment387318
Average # of MBA Students from U.S.76%75%

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